Ugg henrick

Tell me about the Clinton Global Initiative. What’s the thing that most surprised you about how much success you’ve been able to achieve with it?I wouldn’t have believed that we would be able to document more than 400 million people whose lives have been helped in some way or another by this.Ugg henrick I’ve been surprised by the sheer creativity and variety of the commitments, and the enduring appeal of going to a meeting where somebody actually asks you to do something, to make a commitment, and then helps you to keep it, and asks you to report it and to follow up.

Look, our model is not perfect. We’re still trying to get, you know, 100 percent of our people who make commitments to report on their progress.  We’re still trying to get people to ‘fess up if they have trouble so we can help them, or maybe make a different commitment.But it has been stunning. I mean, the idea that over these first eight years we’ve had thousands of commitments, operating in 180 countries.  And you can literally document more than 400 million people who have received some benefit as a result of this beehive of activity.Ugg henrick I think that speaks to is the yearning people have to make a difference and to make a commitment.  People are hungry for information, but they want to act on it.  They don’t want to go to any more meetings where all they do is discuss what should be done or tell the politicians on the one hand, or the business leaders on the other what they should do.

The “drug war” strategy of the last four decades revolves primarily around  supply side measures. Whether  eradication, interdiction, or arrests, it fixates on stopping the seemingly endless flow of drugs and cash across U.S. borders .Ugg henrick But there is obviously another side to the equation – U.S. demand. The United States is the largest consumer of drugs across the globe (though there are signs that the cocaine and marijuana markets in Europe and the developing world are catching up) with 1 in every 7 Americans having tried an illegal substance. Marijuana accounts for the vast majority of that consumption, followed by prescription drugs and cocaine.