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The Iranians have always been hostile to the Pakistan-Taliban axis.Outside of what it views as core interests, India is nowadays inactive on foreign policy. It has rarely been a force for good in the region or around the world. When the Maldives recently had a coup, New Delhi remained passive. During years of unrest in Myanmar, India rarely took a firm stance against the country’s brutal military junta. And so on with other crises in the region in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and more.Ugg discount Compared to the clout it wants to have, New Delhi has paid only mild attention to its foreign policy. The Economist recently pointed out that India, with its population of 1.2 billion, has fewer diplomats than New Zealand, with a population of just 4 million!

Americans tend to believe that all good things go together. They befriend India,Ugg discount another democracy, so they will have identical views of foreign policy – the same friends and enemies. But India has different economic and geographic interests. Indians, for their part, think they can be free-riders on the international system, exploit the stability and security of the current set up and narrowly pursue their own interests. But for the world’s largest democracy, that’s an unworthy mission. India does have a tryst with destiny – and it isn’t to buy cheap oil from whomever and damn the consequences.

Americans have always had an appetite for a populist, non-politician who promises to cut through the mess in Washington and provide simple, commonsense solutions to the problems ailing the United States.The peculiar American twist is that the populists tend to be billionaires.Ugg discount People think the very rich are immune to the usual pressures in government. In some cases this turns out to be true (Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a good example).But, fundamentally, this is wishful thinking bordering on fantasy. The mess we’re in is not a product of a handful of idiotic politicians engaged in venal behavior. The problem is that Americans want low-taxes and lots of government services.