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An unpublished report by the United Nations documents violence by the Sudanese government in the southern state of South Kordofan (NYT) – on the border of newly created South Sudan – and accuses Khartoum of human rights abuses that could be considered war crimes.The process that led to South Sudan’s independence offers lessons for avoiding a new, devastating conflict in the region and underscores the importance of sustained and vigorous U.S.Ugg inserts diplomacy, writes CFR’s Payton Knopf from the new country’s capital.Nigeria: Two bombs went off in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri Friday, thought to be further attacks (Reuters) by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram.

With talks stalled between the Republican-led House of Representatives and the White House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell began negotiations (WSJ) on a backup plan that would give President Obama the power to raise the nation’s debt ceiling ahead of an August 2 deadline that could see the United States default on its credit obligations.Ugg inserts With the deadline looming for resolving the U.S. debt standoff, concern is rising among international creditors and markets about the largest economy and home of the world’s reserve currency.News International CEO Rebekah Brooks resigned her post in the wake of a widening phone hacking scandal (FT) in Britain that has threatened media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation empire.

Germany: Amid an escalating European sovereign debt crisis that is now threatening to engulf Italy, Ugg inserts the government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing growing criticism (DeutscheWelle) for not providing more aid to protect the eurozone.The eurozone, once seen as a crowning achievement in the decades-long path of European integration, is buffeted by a sovereign debt crisis of nations whose membership in the currency union has been poorly policed, says this CFR Backgrounder.