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The only solution to modern capitalism is modern capitalism, but with high – very high – and equitable growth, which is akin to a high tide that not only lifts all boats but also covers the rocks of corruption. The recipe for social instability is low growth, high inequality,a Ugg entrega no brasil high unemployment, and high corruption. Egypt and Tunisia scored high on the last two. Inequality, even if not excessive by world standards, was perceived as inequity, and growth was not a sufficient emollient for corruption.Inequality has won a spot on the top of the world’s agenda because of its objective long-term increase, the ethos of the new rich, and the forces of globalization. The three factors are not independent. Globalization contributed to the increase in inequality. The ideology of those who became rich justified it. But their behavior made these inequalities more glaring and open to questioning. It ultimately undermined the economic order from which they benefited the most.The views expressed in this article are solely those of Branko Milanovic. For more excellent long-form analysis, visit Foreign Affairs.

Many U.S. politicians and Israeli leaders call a nuclear-armed Iran the greatest danger to world peace.“An Iranian nuclear weapon is one of the most frightening things we have to confront,” Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told his supporters in Iowa earlier this year.a Ugg entrega no brasil In his speech to the U.S. congress last year Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “The greatest danger of all could soon be upon us – a militant Islamic regime armed with nuclear weapons.”The narrative by those who fear Iran most goes something like this: Iran is ruled by mad mullahs and a deranged president who are secretly building nuclear bombs and could be crazy enough to use them – therefore they must be stopped, even if it means attacking Iran first.But top U.S. military officials and leading analysts say the frightening rhetoric about Iran doesn’t always match the facts.

a Ugg entrega no brasil One of the most alarming claims is that Iran poses an “existential threat” toIsrael. This view has been called into question by top U.S. officials, including the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, General Martin Dempsey.“I also understand that Israel has national interests that are unique to them. And, of course, they consider Iran to be an existential threat in a way that we have not concluded that Iran is an existential threat,” Dempsey told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria last month.Neither Washington nor the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog have accused Iran of actually building bombs. U.S.officials say they believe Iran is trying to develop a nuclear capability that could lead to production of a nuclear bomb. Iran’s leaders have called nuclear bombs “un-Islamic” and insist their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, powering plants to generate electricity. However analysts say the conflicting claims create an atmosphere of uncertainty that serves as a deterrent in a